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We Open a New Dimension in the Securities Economy

Open up a new dimension in the securities market by building with the open and scalable DLT-based

No Future for Finance
Without Impact

A new era of the sustainability-focused securities market is emerging, one that requires infrastructure built to be more transparent, secure and efficient than traditional systems. AXIOLOGY is leading the charge with its solution framework enabling new use cases,
improved performance, and
adaptiveness to any emerging
standard. This innovative framework will make it easier for businesses to issue, deposit and account for tokenized sustainable financial instruments – securities, tokenized offerings, ESG derivatives and more.

Unified Global Ledger

All licensed market participants will operate on the same single permissioned, transparent and secure ledger. This will create a single regulated market for tokenized sustainable securities.

Versatility in Application

AXIOLOGY integrates money (investment), securities, dividends, payouts, royalties and ESG derivatives on the same technological layer, thus fully closing the gap for an efficient, transparent and credible Impact driven financial market.

Speed & Efficiency

A blockchain-based accounting system of tokenized sustainable securities will provide ultra high liquidity and near real-time atomic transactions (24/7) for security exchanges and on-chain P2P decentralized trading (OTC).

By Builders, for Builders

AXIOLOGY framework is created by passionate and experienced team understanding the challenges our customers are facing, and the ways in which our technology solves it. REST-full APIs, protocols, tools and full support for developers and integrators making things easy and smooth.

That Makes
Impact Traceable

Sustainability has become a key factor in finance, as investors become more conscious of the social and environmental impacts of their money. This shift is only going to continue, as sustainable finance becomes an increasingly important part of our global economy.

AXIOLOGY aims to change traditional financial transaction flows and create economic returns while supporting climate action. For example, through improved carbon emissions trading, facilitated clean energy trading, green bonds issuance, and better tracking and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience in DLT/Blockchain space


Business Partners


Designed Securities Standards


Countries World Wide


Industry Awards

Our Partners

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The Momentum
to Innovate

Our core mission is to continue changing the course of and influence sustainable security tokenization. Our current strategy is to lead the market in cooperation and partnership with current market authorities and participants by creating positive synergistic models.

We are looking forward cooperating with you.

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