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Are you an institutional market participant?

Make capital markets easy

Discover how to optimize resourses and operate fast on  DLT based securities infrastructure

DLT transaction settlement system

How is it even possible?


1/3 Legal side

EU DLT pilot regime

EU DLT pilot regime

At its core, our platform prioritizes saving costs for institutions. By seamlessly integrating platform and framework functionalities, we not only enhance accessibility but also achieve substantial reductions in operational expenses and time commitments. This not only facilitates broader investment opportunities but also redefines the capital market landscape through heightened cost efficiency and streamlined operations.

Buying financial instruments like government bonds should be as simple as making a coffee.

Marius Jurgilas    |  CEO & Co-Founder @ AXIOLOGY

Just imagine

Capital market with Axiology

Current capital market

“Having all the family benefits without the actual family”

Interested parties

Financial  institutions

Current capital market infrastructure is costly and lacks alignment among participants, burdening financial institutions with operational inefficiencies.

Seeking  recourse optimisation

Retail investors

Limited access to securities like bonds hinders retail investors, either due to exclusivity or high costs, preventing them from making profitable investments.

Seeking access to better investment opportunities

Business Enterprises

Companies are overlooking the opportunity to tap into retail funds, primarily due to the challenges posed by complex bond issuance processes within the current capital market framework.

Seeking  more accesable funds

Take an action

Transform your financial landscape with Axiology.
Discover cost-saving solutions and unlock new opportunities in the world of capital markets today.

Axiology platform

Utilizing the Axiology platform empowers you to optimize resources and trim costs in your day-to-day financial operations. Implementing Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) seamlessly aligns you with other market participants, streamlining your interactions and bringing in new financial players.

2/3 Available tech stack

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3/3 Partnerships and regulation


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