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Dive Into the New Age of Tokenized Sustainable Securities

Our Services

Cross-Currency Payments

On Chain Cross-currency/asset payments that exchange one token for another token can automatically use one of ecosystems stable assets (e.g. Stable EUR and/or CBDC) to bridge the tokens, when it decreases the cost of the payment.

Payment Authorisation

To comply with regulations like BSA, KYC, AML, and CFT, financial institutions must provide documentation about the source of funds they receive. Institutions can enable Deposit Authorization on their Depository Solutions accounts. This makes the account unable to receive unauthorized Payment transactions.

Decentralized Exchange

On Chain decentralized exchange allows users to buy and sell tokenized securities for stable assets (e.g. Stable EUR and/or CBDC) or other tokens, with minimal fees charged to the network itself (not paid out to any party). The order transactions execute within a ledger is designed to be unpredictable, to discourage front-running.

Multi-signature for maximum security and compliance

On Chain Multi-signing in the Depository Solutions is a method of authorizing transactions for the network by using a combination of multiple secret keys. You can have any combination of authorization methods enabled for your address, including several layers of multisigs.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

AXIOLOGY framework is created by passionate and experienced team understanding the challenges our customers are facing, and the ways in which our technology solves it. REST-full APIs, protocols, tools and full support for developers and integrators making things easy and smooth.

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